Cash:  Every year we request a participant fee from each senior ($75 if paid by 12/31/20 or $90 if paid on/after 1/1/20).  In return your senior will receive a fun-filled night in an alcohol and drug-free safe environment filled with entertainment, food, friends and prizes. If you are not a senior parent and still would like to donate we could sure use your help.  Cash donations are always welcome as are your donation of time by volunteering in the many opportunities that we have available.

Prizes:  Any and all prize contributions from parents and/or businesses are gladly accepted. To donate prizes or for more information contact Tricia Boyle or Laurie Harrington.

Food: The food committee is responsible for soliciting food and paper product donations from local business establishments and restaurants. Volunteers are needed to help make phone calls prior to the All Night Party. They are also needed on the night of the event to serve food to the senior graduates and staff the juice bar from 11 pm - 5 am. If you would like to be part of the All Night Party and don’t have a lot of time to offer, this may be the committee for you. Become a part of the All Night Party excitement! You won’t regret it. If you would like to volunteer for this committee please contact


Our decorators are wishing for the items listed below for use in their section on graduation night. If you can help:
Please email us at and we can coordinate the pick up or drop off.



If you are a decorator and would like to add something to our wish list please email Betsy Hanley or Mary Kroon.

Wish List

All Night Party