Welcome to the Class of 2020 ALL NIGHT PARTY. Please check our Volunteer Opportunities page. We are always looking for volunteers.

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Friday June 5, 2020

All Night Party
Friday, June 5th 11pm - 5am

At Horace Mann Middle School

If you have any questions please email: fhsanp@yahoo.com

​​​The All Night Party Committee would like to welcome parents of new and returning students to a new school year at Franklin High School.  Whether your son or daughter is a Freshman, Sophomore or Junior the All Night Party committee needs you now.  Your involvement contributes to the support of the present senior class and guarantees the continuation of this tradition for your future seniors. This tradition was started in 1990 and is a gift to all seniors in celebration of their high school year. The graduates enjoy a fun-filled night that includes games; prizes and the most memorable part of the evening are the decorations.

Once again we will be transforming the Horace Mann Middle School into a magical theme. To do this it takes the hard work of 400-500 volunteers and the support of the school community and business partnerships to make this event a success. The party takes place after the seniors finish their graduation. This is our third year hosting the All Night Party at the Horace Mann Middle School Friday June 5th.

Please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more and then go to the Sign Up To Volunteer page to sign up now.  Some with commitments as little as 2 hours. 

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All Night Party

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